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‘Allen v Farrow': Dylan Farrow Says Family Was ‘Never the Same’ After Sexual Assault Allegations

An adult Farrow recounts how sharing her secret tore apart her family in her younger years

In the final episode of the “Allen v Farrow” docuseries, Dylan Farrow revealed that she felt responsible for the divide in her family after coming forward with her allegation of Woody Allen assaulting her when she was seven years old, admitting “none of my older siblings were ever the same.”

“After the whole custody trial, my mom stopped having to go to court all the time and we moved away from the city,” explained Farrow. “And it was sort of a grace period where I thought, OK, this is great, I can start over. We never talked about Soon-Yi or Woody. But there was a long period of guilt for me. I felt like I had caused a rift in my family. I felt if I’d just kept a secret that I could have spared my mom all this grief and my brothers, my sisters and myself.”

Farrow recounted how the family drifting apart caused her to become even more isolated as she internalized her feelings growing up, and noted that “none of them asked” about how she was clearly pulling away.

The final installment of the docuseries, which airs Sunday night, continues to explore Farrow’s allegations and focuses on the aftermath of the custody trial — specifically highlighting the impact Farrow’s accusation had on her family, as well as Allen’s downfall in the wake of the growing #MeToo movement. It’s also the first time that most of Farrow’s children have opened up about how the high-profile scandal affected them during their formative years. (Moses Farrow declined to be interviewed, along with Soon-Yi.)

“I just remember my family was turned upside down,” Farrow’s sister Daisy Previn said. “We were all devastated. It was a sad time. I think most of us just tried to get through with our lives.”

“We were a tight family unit and that was much less so the case after this,” added Fletcher Previn. “People went into survival mode. It was just a difficult time for everyone.”

The final episode of Allen v. Farrow airs March 14th on HBO.