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Amber Heard Lawsuit Claims ‘Drug Addict’ Johnny Depp Tried to Suffocate Her

”Depp [has] repeatedly abused Heard throughout their marriage, at times to the point of her fearing for her life,“ actress claims in new court filing

Amber Heard’s lawyers have laid out more abuse allegations against her estranged husband Johnny Depp in a new lawsuit filed against comedian Doug Stanhope.

On Friday, Heard filed a lawsuit against Stanhope over a guest column that the comic published on TheWrap on May 29, in which Stanhope said that Heard was blackmailing Depp.

“Depp has hit and kicked Heard on numerous occasions, has thrown objects at her, at one point nearly suffocated her to the point where she feared for her life,” the new lawsuit claims. “Depp is an alcoholic and drug addict, and these violent episodes occurred mostly after Depp had relapsed into a cycle of substance abuse. His drug and alcohol abuse has increased dramatically in recent years, as has his violent behavior.

“Heard repeatedly retumed to Depp, despite his verbal and physical mistreatment of her, hoping optimistically that the man she married would change his behavior. Each time Heard returned, however, within months, the cycle of substance abuse and violence repeated.”

Over the weekend, Stanhope published a guest column on TheWrap with his point of view of the situation. He wrote that Depp was being falsely accused of physical abuse, and being manipulated by Heard, who was “threatening to lie about him publicly in any and every possible duplicitous way if he didn’t agree to her terms.”

Heard’s attorney later told TheWrap that Stanhope’s blackmailing claim was “unequivocally false.”

The suit, alleging defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and interference with business relationships, was filed Friday in an Arizona state court.

On Tuesday, Heard’s legal team issued a statement to the media saying that the actress had filed a statement with the Los Angeles Police Department about alleged abuse. An LAPD spokesman said that the department will investigate.

Heard was granted a temporary restraining order last Friday. The actress alleged that Depp had been abusive on multiple occasions, notably on May 21 at the couple’s Los Angeles residence. Heard submitted multiple photos as evidence of the alleged abuse, including photos of herself appearing to show marks around her eye.

Shortly after filing for divorce from Depp on May 23, Heard was granted a temporary restraining order against Depp, claiming domestic violence.