Wyclef Jean Wrestles With Jacket During AMAs Performance and Loses (Video)

Singer misses his line trying to get his arms out of an unruly garment during his duet with Magic! on Sunday’s American Music Awards

Last Updated: November 23, 2014 @ 7:46 PM

As has become tradition on music awards shows, the “American Music Awards” didn’t shy away from duets, even if they didn’t make a whole lot of sense on paper. The 2014 ABC broadcast on Sunday paired Wyclef Jean with Magic! for a fresh take on the latter’s hit single “Rude.”

While a reggae take on the single would probably work quite well, and Magic! considers themselves a reggae fusion band, Jean’s vocal style was a mismatch from beginning to end. His wardrobe style, however, proved an even bigger problem.

As singers often do, Jean decided at one point to discard his jacket, only the jacket didn’t want to let go.  For one whole segment, Jean had one arm stuck behind his back while the other held the mic. Ever the professional, he tried not to let it interfere with the performance, but that didn’t work out either.

As he and Magic! lead singer Nasri were trading lines in the song, Jean had a moment to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, he was’t quick enough and left a huge hole in the chorus while he finally got at least one arm out of the pesky accessory. It took an even more drastic step to finally get rid of it.

Watch the video here.