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Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd Audition for ‘Jersey Shore’ (Video)

"Dark Knight Rises" and "Our Idiot Brother" stars attempt to earn their guido credentials on "Conan"

If Anne Hathaway has her way, after doing battle with Batman she'll throw down with Snooki.

Hathaway, who's currently filming "The Dark Knight Rises," slipped out of her Catwoman costume long enough to tape a segment for Thursday night's "Conan," in which she proves that she's ready step into the cast of "Jersey Shore," should an opening pop up.

Also vying to prove his guido credentials: "Our Idiot Brother" star Paul Rudd, who declares, 'My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey and find a nice, hot, juiced, tanned guy.

Dare to dream, Paul. Dare to dream.

Check out the auditions in the video.