Which Networks and Streamers Are the Safest for New Shows – and Which Are the Riskiest? | Exclusive

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Freshman series have the lowest chance of renewal at Hulu and Showtime, an analysis by TheWrap reveals

When it comes to getting renewed for a second season, new shows enter a lottery of networks. (Getty Images, Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

Two months into 2023 and almost three years into a TV landscape upturned by the pandemic, it’s impossible not to notice the sudden rush of shows getting axed after their first or second seasons.

Streamers and networks alike seem to have gotten ruthless, sometimes even reversing decisions to renew a series. That happened at least five times across the last two years, giving show creators and fans alike jitters.

At this point, you might wonder: Where is the safest place for a new show? Is there even a safe place for a new show? Well, we decided to crunch some numbers and find out.