Bill Clinton as VP, Former President Says Don’t Bet on It

“Whether I could or not, I shouldn’t,” Clinton explains about possibility of joining a Hillary Clinton ticket

Former President Bill Clinton says don’t expect him to join Hillary Clinton’s ticket if she becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

“My view is that, whether I could or not, I shouldn’t,” Clinton explained about the possibility of joining his wife as a vice presidential candidate.

“The intent of the 22nd amendment is to prevent a third term, I think it would be wrong to knowingly put someone in the line of succession who couldn’t succeed, so then you’d have to flip over, and you would miss the opportunity, let’s say to have someone be vice president, know the job, or to do it,” Clinton told E! News in a story published Monday. “I just think it’s not going to happen, but I’d be a good adviser.”

The former commander in chief spoke to several media outlets over the weekend during a 10th anniversary event for his Clinton Global Initiative. He also touched on his longstanding friendship with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, while joking that he understands why the real estate mogul turned his back on that friendship.

“He was very nice to me when I got out of the White House, and he wanted Hillary to come to his wedding,” Clinton said. “We were down in Florida because he thought she’d done such a good job for New York after 9/11, so we always got along.”

Clinton then explained why they are now on less friendly terms.

“I saw that he said at the debates that he always used to be a friend of mine, but now he couldn’t be because he’s running for president. And in that party, he’s probably right!”

Watch the video below.