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James Corden Reveals Bill Cosby’s Internet Search History (Video)

Embattled comedian asks Google for ”world-canceling headphones“

“Late Late Show” host James Corden walked his CBS studio audience through some funny and troubling “Celebrity Internet Search History” on Wednesday — all as a goof, of course.

Among the four famous names (for sake of uniformity, we’ll consider the Baha Men famous) covered was Bill Cosby, who’s had heaps of sexual assault allegations levied against him recently.

Adding to the comedy was bandleader and comedian Reggie Watts, who lent an awesome impression of TV’s Dr. Huxtable to the segment.

Here’s what the Coz has been Googling, per Corden:
“is there such a thing as world-canceling headphones?”

“is 31 considered a high number?”

“floobidy goobity”

“you see where can I find the sale for the sweaters and the people that sell the sweaters?”

In addition to Cosby and the aforementioned “Who Let the Dogs Out?” singers, Corden also covered Liam Neeson‘s and Bill Gates’s search engine history. Both were looking for “jumbo sized condoms” on the web; Gates likely used Microsoft’s Bing.

Watch the video above.

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