Bill Cosby’s Mugshot Revealed (Photo)

Embattled comedian was released after posting $1 million bail

Getty Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, in Bill Cosby‘s case, his official mugshot — posted below — is also worth a million bucks.

Or at least, that’s what it cost the embattled comedian and ex-sitcom star to bail himself out of the Cheltenham Police Department’s jail today.

On Wednesday, Cosby was charged with felony sexual assault stemming from an alleged 2004 incident. His mugshot was taken shortly after his arrest, as is customary. It was then promptly shared by a Philadelphia Daily News reporter via Twitter, where it immediately began making the rounds on social media.

Here is the local journalist’s tweet with Cosby’s mugshot:

The charge stems from claims made by former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who alleges that she was assaulted in 2004. Constand had previously sued Cosby, but settled that civil suit with the comedian.

Kevin Steele, the district attorney-elect in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, said Cosby faces a felony charge of aggravated indecent assault.

In the past year, the 78-year-old comedian has been accused of rape or sexual assault by dozens of women. In addition to the criminal charge filed Wednesday, Cosby faces multiple lawsuits from his accusers. The comedian has also faced a number of career setbacks, such as NBC shelving a comedy project that it was developing for the comedian, and Netflix postponing a Cosby special.

Cosby’s next court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 14.