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Bill Hader and Amy Schumer Trash a Theater, Assault Patrons in MTV Movie Awards Promo (Video)

According to the two comics: “Winning Is Everything”

Bill Hader and Amy Schumer appeared in a new promo for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on Tuesday that proved they will do anything to win — even if it means beating people up and inexplicably trashing a movie theater.

It all started when Schumer, who will host the annual awards show, and Hader exit a movie theater discussing the quality of the film they just took in. Schumer claims it will win “every award,” to which Hader replies, “Winning isn’t everything, you know?”

That’s when things get crazy.

First, the two comedians laugh at the notion that winning isn’t everything — because, you know: Hollywood.

They then proceed to wreak havoc on their fellow theater patrons and its staff: Schumer and Hader destroy posters and potted plants, they knock popcorn from peoples’ hands. Schumer grabs a soda and dumps it on a man’s head; Hader tops that move by grabbing a napkin dispenser and shatters the candy counter’s glass top.

Too bad there’s no award for most violent awards show promo.

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards airs on April 12 at 8 p.m..