Bill Maher Definitely Not in the Ken Bone Zone (Video)

Talk show host calls out undecided voter ignorance — and ability of Hollywood to predict the future

On Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the bombastic host had strong words for undecided voters — including Ken Bone, the red-clad debate questioner who became America’s sweetheart for a few days until his Reddit comment history was exposed because we can’t say nice things.

But Maher isn’t feeling the Bone phenomenon for other reasons.

“This is Ken Bone,” Maher said. “One of the undecided voters who asked a question at last Sunday’s debate and since then has become a folk hero. Why?”

“Because after 15 months of this campaign he’s still too stupid to pick Hillary over President P—y Grabber,” he continued.

Maher said he’d like to ask Bone and other undecided voters that with all the shenanigans that have gone on since Donald Trump declared his candidacy for president on an elevator last summer. He went through a series of Trump proclamations from the stump, from killing the children of terrorists to kicking 12 million Mexicans out of the country to banning Muslims and running a “scam university.”

Maher then ran a clip of Trump asking “how stupid are the people of Iowa?”… to an audience in Iowa.

“And now, he’s leading in Iowa,” Maher said. “So I guess he got his answer. That’s how stupid.”

Maher also teed off on Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who added “Aleppo moment” to our political vernacular, saying “when pressed to name a foreign country, he said ‘Brangelina.” He also cited studies showing the ignorance of Americans about certain issues, from science to civics.

“A full quarter of Americans said the sun revolves around the Earth,” Maher said. “And the Earth revolves around NASCAR.”

Maher tied his point to his home base of Hollywood.

“Folks, blowing up the world is something that can actually happen,” he said. “If you don’t think so, you haven’t seen enough movies.”

He segued into movies that have predicted the future, from flip phones in Star Trek to African-American presidents in several films before Barack Obama was elected.

“What scenario has Hollywood been envisioning lately?” Maher asked “Earth after an apocalypse.”

Maher then listed a number of films in that genre, from the “Hunger Games” series to “Mad Max” and “Divergent.”

“And how did Earth reach this point in these movies?” he asked. “Always because we did it to ourselves.”

Watch the video here.


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