Bill Maher Shreds Jeff Bezos: ‘Stop Playing Cities’ Against Each Other in Bid for Amazon’s New HQ (Video)

“Real Time” host tells Amazon chief to help a “dying” city “come back to life”

Bill Maher took a swipe at Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, accusing the billionaire of “playing cities off against one another” in their effort to be the site of the company’s new headquarters.

“Amazon has scrapped its plans to build a giant headquarters in New York because the city balked at giving the richest company in the world a $3 billion tax bribe… so Amazon took their ball and went home,” Maher said on Friday’s “Real Time.”

“Herein lies a chance for Amazon to show the world that a tech company can actually do good,” he added.

Maher said that America’s “flyover states” have become the “passed-over states,” with 238 cities and regions having submitted proposals to Amazon for the company to locate in their area, all of which were desperate for jobs. Amazon wound up choosing New York City and suburban Washington, D.C.

“And Amazon picked two places that didn’t need them at all, places where prosperity already was. Bezos you’re worth 130 billion,” Maher said. “Take one for the team. Stop playing cities off against one another and help a dying one come back to life!”

The comedian also said that if liberals are serious about winning elections, “They have to start recolonizing the parts of the country they’ve abandoned. Mississippi is the poorest state in the country.

“Amazon can buy the whole state and rename it Amazippi.”

Watch this week’s New Rules segment in the video below.

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