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Bill Maher to Trump-Loving Patriots: ‘F–k You and Your Deflated Balls’ (Video)

”You’re a great quarterback and your political instincts suck,“ the ”Real Time“ host says of star quarterback Tom Brady

Come Super Bowl Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will have a newfound fan rooting for them: “Real Time” host Bill Maher… but not for the reasons one might think.

“For the first time in a long time I really care who wins the Super Bowl, and I have a fierce love of the Atlanta Falcons because I’m from Atlanta… Oh wait, I’m not. I’m from New Jersey,” Maher said Saturday night. “I couldn’t give a s— about Atlanta but the Falcons are playing a team where the owner, the coach and the star quarterback of love and support Donald Trump. So I’d really like for them to lose by a score of one million f—ing thousand.”

Maher sacked Patriots QB Tom Brady, calling him out on his multimillion-dollar home, supermodel wife and Make America Great Again hat,. “You know, because America has been so tough on Tom so far,” he said. “You’re a great quarterback and your political instincts suck.”

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick also took a clobbering: “[He] loves Trump so much that he sent him a fan letter during the campaign, which read, ‘You have dealt with an unbelievably slanted and negative media and have come out beautifully. Your leadership is amazing… The toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable.’

“Well, that’s some serious butt-licking, coach. Hey, let me give you some advice for the big game: F— you, Belichick. F— you and your deflated balls, you joyless cheating f—!”

Maher cooled his jets and smiled, “You see what Donald Trump has done to me?! I used to be pretty eloquent, Now I’m just screaming ‘f— you.’ Is there anything this man can’t ruin?” he asked of Trump.

“He took something beautiful, a game where millionaires give each other brain damage… and made it tawdry and cheap.”