Bill Murray Puts Himself in Danger to Find Afghanistan’s New Star in ‘Rock The Kasbah’ (Video)

The film is set to hit theaters Oct. 23

Bill Murray puts himself smack in the danger zone while searching for a talented singer to showcase on Afghanistan’s hit show, “Afghan Star.”

In the latest trailer for “Rock The Kasbah,” Murray’s character, Richie Lanz, is out of luck when it comes to signing new talent. Heading to Afghanistan to find his next star, he experiences car bombings and men running after him shooting guns. Yet, he seems to find exactly what he is looking for, a woman with one of the best voices he’s ever heard.

“She has the gift, she has the magic, she’s the best I’ve ever heard,” Murray says in the trailer. 

While it is dangerous for her to sing, Lanz takes it upon himself to take his discovery to Kabul — as long as he gets his 20 percent commission from her success.

“Rock The Kasbah” also stars Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, Danny McBride, Bruce Willis, Scott Caan and Leem Lubany.

Barry Levinson directs the comedy, from Open Road Films, written by Mitch Glazer. It is set to hit theaters on Oct. 23.

Watch the video.