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Bizarre Interview: Winklevoss Twins Flex, Strut & Hate On Facebook’s Zuckerberg (Video)

The Daily video highlights perpetually aggrieved brothers, all set to ”Mission:Impossible“ music

Thanks to Gawker for pointing out this gleefully absurd Winklevoss Twins interview by new media upstart The Daily. 

As anyone who has seen "The Social Network" knows, the blueblood brothers are ticked off at Mark Zuckerberg. They maintain the Facebook founder stole their idea for the site. 

They repeat their accusations to reporter Erin Ade, an unbiased observer who admits that she's a childhood friend of the Winklevi. Beyond the loving shots of the twins working out  in spandex, what makes the whole enterprise so absurd is that the music is little more than a knock-off of the "Mission:Impossible" score. 

There's just so much flexing, strutting and deltoid gazing going on, the twins' point gets kind of lost. 

Next up for The Daily — Mel Gibson grilled by his mom to the "Braveheart" theme.