Bobby Brown Details Sex With Ghost on ’20/20: ‘I Wasn’t High’ (Video)

Position was the spirit’s prerogative

Last Updated: June 8, 2016 @ 6:34 AM

Bobby Brown has done a lot of drugs, but that wasn’t the case this one time in Georgia when he had sex with a ghost.

Yes, you read that perfectly right.

“I moved into this house — I bought this mansion in Georgia,” he began recapping the story to “20/20” reporter Robin Roberts. “So this was a really, really spooky place. But yes, one time. I woke up and, yeah, a ghost. I was being mounted by a ghost.”

“I wasn’t high. I wasn’t high,” the R&B singer was quick to point out. “I wasn’t high at all.”

All Roberts could say to that was: “You’ve led quite a life.”

Indeed. Watch the video above.