Brad Pitt’s Brother Flirts With Stardom in Virgin Mobile Ad

"Moneyball" star Brad Pitt's more ordinary sibling gets a taste of the spotlight with his first celebrity endorsement

Sure, Brad Pitt's brother, Doug Pitt, might not have Angelina Jolie as a fiancee. Or millions of dollars. Or the adoration of females everywhere. But life's still pretty sweet for him. He owns a 1,200-d.p.i. printer/scanner/fax machine (black and white only). And a lawn mower that usually starts on the first try. And a TV — even if he typically doesn't get to pick what's on it.

And hey — he now has his first celebrity endorsement!

Brad's far-more-ordinary sibling stars in a new TV ad for Virgin Mobile Australia, which drives home its premise that "Virgin Mobile believes in a fair go for all" by focusing on Doug's decidedly glamour-free, suburban existence.

Watch the other Pitt get a taste of the spotlight in the video.