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‘Breaking Amish: LA’ Preview: Introducing Felicia … Matt’s Girlfriend (Exclusive Video)

The TLC series’ Mennonite cast member lays down the dating ground rules on Sunday’s episode

After defending himself from accusations that he’s gay, Matt introduces someone to help squash the rumors on Sunday’s new episode of TLC’s “Breaking Amish: L.A.” airing at 10/9c.

As the AWOL cast members return to their respective homes and face the consequences of their actions, Matt has a bomb to drop. There’s a special girl back at home in Pennsylvania. Her name is Felicia and she’s English!

Apparently, Matt was hot for Felicia before he left for Los Angeles and now wants to lock her down. Can she help squash the suspicions that Matt is gay?

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“I don’t know why Matt’s roommates were questioning his sexuality and everything,” Felicia said. “Trust me, Matt is straight. I have never thought otherwise.”

Closet case closed, right?

Watch TheWrap’s exclusive preview below in which Matt informs Felicia of the ground rules for dating: