BuzzFeed Teams Up With Keshet for New Digital Game Show

The viral internet factory will adapt a touch screen-based Israeli hit

BuzzFeed Keshet
BuzzFeed Keshet

BuzzFeed and Keshet Studios, a subsidiary of the Israeli company which created the series that inspired “Homeland,” are teaming up on another out-of-Israel adaptation — this time, a digital game show.

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures — the media giant’s digital video arm — and Keshet will create what the two companies called a “next-generation, transmedia version” of “Touch,” a popular Israeli game show.

“Touch” is a thoroughly modern take on the old “what’s wrong with this picture” game. Contestants in a studio — and players using smartphones at home — participate in challenges where they identify something from an image they’re shown and tap the offending part of the picture on a touch screen. The show was created by Ido Rosenblum and Keshet.

Further details about BuzzFeed’s version — beyond whatever “next-generation, transmedia” is — remain to be seen.

“We’re thrilled to being working with Keshet to develop ‘Touch’ into a cross-platform, global show,” Matthew Henick, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures’ head of development said in a statement announcing the partnership. “Leveraging our audience-focused development process and our global promotional engine will make this a huge phenomenon.”

“BuzzFeed has been at the forefront of creating culturally defining and buzzworthy original online content,” Sebastian Burkhardt, SVP of digital and acquisitions at Keshet International, continued. “Working jointly with such a prolific and extraordinary partner, I believe we are well positioned to develop a next-generation game show. Together, we will create content that engages viewers of all ages and on all platforms as the speed of linear and digital convergence accelerates.”

This is hardly Keshet’s first partnership with a major American media company — aside from “Prisoners of War,” which was adapted into homeland, Keshet has produced FX’s “Tyrant” and TBS’ “Your Family or Mine.”

Last August, Keshet signed a first-look deal with NBC.