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Cher Says ‘Democrats F—ed Up So Bad,’ Accuses Trump of ‘Cheating’

Singer has long been outspoken about politics and the president

Cher, who’s never been one to shy away from expressing her thoughts about Donald Trump, has accused the president of “cheating” and “using” the White House for financial gain.

“The president is cheating and getting away with it, and using the White House to make money, and he’s going to take health care away from people, and people are going die,” the singer said in a recent interview with Billboard. “It’s outrageous. You feel like you’re screaming ‘Fire!’ and no one’s listening.”

The 70-year-old singer didn’t just criticize Republicans in her interview — she believes the Democrats aren’t innocent, either.

“The Democrats f—ed up so bad in their message, and how old [the leadership] is,” she added. “You’ve got to pray that old people die before young people can get involved with the party. I told Hillary [Clinton] she should have a group of millennials give their ideas about government.”

Cher said that since Trump was elected, she’s had to hide her phone to stop her from sending rage-filled tweets about the presidency.

“Twitter is like a drug,” she said. “It creeps into your life, and you have to say, ‘Time to put a stop to this. I’m a grown-up.'”

The music icon has long been outspoken about politics and Trump, even once comparing his stance to that of Hitler in Nazi Germany.

A spokesperson for Trump has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.