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NJ Gov Chris Christie Fights With Voter on Election Day (Video)

“The easiest thing in the world is to stand where you stand, stand on the sidelines and critique,” says Christie

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was on brand Tuesday, dedicating a few moments on election day to fighting with a voter over the issue of consolidating New Jersey towns — a local campaign matter in the Garden State.

“You’re so frustrated,” he told a female voter. “The easiest thing in the world is to stand where you stand, stand on the sidelines and critique,” added Christie, who suggested that she run for office since she cared so much.

“That’s too hard. It’s easier to sit here and complain,” he said.

The moment was posted to Twitter by New York Times reporter Nick Corasaniti.

“I don’t have the money like you,” the woman snapped back.

“I’m sure, I’m sure,” replied Christie with sarcasm. “That’s the joy of public service, It’s serving folks like you that is really such a unique joy. It really it. You’re fabulous.”

The exchange was par for the course for Christie, who has a long reputation of fighting with basically anybody about any subject. In the past he’s fought with teacher’s, reporters — and anonymous randos like the one above. While the style originally endeared him to New Jersey voters, his constituents have long tired of the act. A June poll found that he a 15 percent approval rating. His close early embrace of Donald Trump has also ruffled voters in a state that went heavily for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In a subsequent video posted by Corasaniti, Christie said he voted for Kim Guadagno, the GOP candidate for governor. Guadagno is widely expected to lose to her Democratic opponent Phil Murphy, which Christie insisted had nothing to do with him.

“I had my referendum, my referendum was four years ago,” he said. “I got 61 percent of the vote four years ago. I am happy to stand on that.”