Christian Bale Backstage at the Oscars: Dodges Sheen Q’s, Talks Batman, Fat Crackheads

The temperamental “Terminator Salvation” actor declines to talk about Crazy Charlie

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Christian Bale knows a thing or two about meltdowns — just ask anybody who heard the leaked audiotape of the actor going off an a crew member on the "Terminator Salvation" set. But don't ask him to comment on Hollywood's bad boy du jour, Charlie Sheen.

After grabbing up his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for "The Fighter" at Sunday's Academy Awards, Bale headed backstage at the Kodak Theater, where he was asked about, among many things, the "Two and a Half Men" actor's recent shenanigans.

Bale had no comment — but mainly, he said, because he's recently been filming "The 13 Women of Nanjing" on the other side of the world. Bale professed, "Been in China. No clue. Seriously … Just no idea."

Bale did, however, have something to say about his much-discussed weight loss for "The Fighter." Asked if he thought twice about taking the part of Dicky Eklund because of the physical sacrifice — especially since he'd already gone through dramatic weight loss for "The Machinist" — Bale noted that his primary concern was nailing the character down.

"In honesty I just liked the character and then…he’s welterweight isn’t he?" Bale said. "He’s a crackhead, how many fat crackheads do you see?"

Bale also made sure to note that, despite being a bona fide Academy Award winner now, he has no plans to abandon his role in the "Dark Knight" series.

"I’m in the middle of filming a movie in China right now," Bale noted. "When I finish the movie with China it’s straight on to Batman. Absolutely much more Batman."