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Stephen Colbert Reveals House Republicans’ Secret Internet Search History (Video)

It’s less porn than you would imagine, more khakis

Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” turned the tables on House Republicans last night, revealing their apparent — and occasionally freaky — Internet scans.

“Yesterday, House Republicans voted to repeal Internet privacy rules, which prevented service providers from selling your browsing and search history,” a voiceover kicked off the Wednesday cold open. “So to honor this courageous vote, we’ve decided to share the House Republicans’ search history.”

First up was the innocuous “what is the Internet?” Google search. Things got much more interesting from there.

At least one House Republican asked Google for: “black people who are not scary.” Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” apparently comes up first there.

The next one was: “positions other than missionary.” For shame, conservatives. They also apparently wanted nudes of Sean Hannity — why, we have no idea.

Soon, the searches went all-in on “pleated khakis,” before the Russia-related kicker. Watch the video above.