Comic-Con: Conan O’Brien Unveils ‘The Flaming C’ During ‘Green Lantern’ Panel (Video)

Animated Conan kind of a tough guy

The other members of Pale Force are going to be awfully jealous: Conan O'Brien unveiled his new superhero alter-ego during Warner Bros.' Comic-Con panel Friday for "Green Lantern: The Animated Series."

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Despite a sleek trailer, "The Flaming C," may not actually hit the big screen. The trailer says it's "Coming Soon — Maybe."

And while it's encouraging that the creators of "Batman: The Animated Series" worked on the trailer,  the Masturbating Bear's apparent involvement isn't a good sign. (Masturbating Bear can't even get arrested in Hollywood, except by — well, you know.)

Warner Bros. says the Flaming C — who seems a lot tougher than O'Brien's Pale Force alter-ego, despite wearing oven mitts — is the result of a brief meeting between O'Brien and "Batman" animator Bruce Timm, executive producer of "Green Lantern: The Animated Series."

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