Conan O’Brien Gives Cheaters Excuses for Using Ashley Madison Website After Hack (Video)

Data from infidelity service was leaked Tuesday, exposing the identities of 40 million users

Conan O’Brien is helping married couples come up with excuses for using the infidelity website Ashley Madison, which was recently hacked, revealing the identities and email accounts of more than 40 million users.

Hackers began posting data from the hack in July and threatened to release all of Ashley Madison‘s customer records if the website wasn’t shuttered. Notable names are slowly trickling in from analyses of the massive data dump, which implicates “19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar among the list of users.

“As you can imagine, a lot of people are eager to explain why their names showed up in the Ashley Madison database,” O’Brien told the audience on Wednesday’s episode of “Conan.”

To help, he “interviewed” a number of exposed users whose excuses range from blaming their cat for entering all of their information to having a niece named Ashley who goes to college in Madison.

“First of all, you can’t be sure it’s me. A lot of people have the name Queller Histapekadopolous,” says one cheater.

“Somebody clearly assumed my identity, set up a fake account and then placed me in bed with this woman that isn’t my wife,” says another.

The litany of excuses crescendoes with the most outrageous one of all.

Watch the video below.