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Could Mike Tyson Fight Again? Tito Ortiz Says He Wants to Take Him On

UFC legend says he got a call asking if he wanted to fight the former heavyweight boxing champion

If Mike Tyson fans want to see him get back in the ring, UFC legend Tito Ortiz is giving them some hope, because he said he’s received an offer to fight The Baddest Man on the Planet.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Ortiz said he got a phone call asking him what he’d think about fighting Tyson. “I was like, ‘Really? This is the opportunity of my life. I’m in!'” he said.

The 45-year-old Ortiz is a former UFC light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer, who is known for putting mixed martial arts on the map alongside the likes of Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. Whether he would face Tyson in a boxing ring or an MMA cage is something Ortiz said he’s not sure about, but he’s confident he could pull out a win over “Iron Mike” either way.

“I’ve been boxing for 20 years and my boxing skills have gotten better and better,” Ortiz said. “It may not be on the same level as Tyson, but has Tyson been punched in the face in the last 15 years? No, he hasn’t, and I have. And I’ve been able to subdue everyone I’ve competed against over the past four years.”

Indeed, Ortiz has stayed active since leaving UFC in 2012, with recent victories including a knockout win over Chuck Liddell in 2018 and a submission victory over former WWE champion Albert El Patron in 2019. Tyson, meanwhile, has not stepped into the ring since famously quitting in the middle of a match against Irish journeyman Kevin McBride in 2005.

But Ortiz’s remarks come just a couple weeks after Tyson revealed that, at the age of 53, he wants to put his gloves back on again. In an Instagram post, Tyson showed off his punching skills, as he’s started a rigorous workout program to get back into fighting shape. In his own interview with TMZ, Tyson says he’s open for any fight, provided that it’s for charity.

A Tyson vs. Ortiz fight would surely draw comparisons to the boxing/MMA crossover fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which ended in Mayweather scoring a tenth round TKO victory and earning a payday of $230 million in one of the most lucrative fights in boxing history.

“Anybody that’s willing to contribute to this charity, they’re welcome to come and challenge me,” Tyson said. “I would be open for anyone.”