Orion TV Syndicated Series ‘Couples Court’ to Debut in Fall

Husband and wife “judges” will rule over 18 of Top 20 markets — so far

Orion Television is set to distribute “Couples Court” in 73 percent of the country this fall, so you should probably get to know what the heck it is.

Legal experts and trial attorneys Dana and Keith Cutler will become the first-ever married couple to preside over a television courtroom, one in which couples come to share their stories of cheating.

The husband and wife presiders have been married and practicing law together for nearly 30 years, if readers were wondering about their qualifications. Speaking of legitimacy, the half-hour, year-round weekday syndicated strip hails from David Armour (“Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court,” pictured above).

Produced by 79th & Tork Entertainment, “Couples Court” has already been picked up in 18 of the top 20 markets, including stations in the Tribune, CBS and Sinclair groups, as well as Weigel, Cox, Scripps and Titan.

Graduates of the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law, the apparently crafty Cutlers will use technology including GPS, DNA, deleted emails, video surveillance, cell phone forensics and surprise witnesses to confirm or dispel accusations of deception.

“As we have seen with ‘Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court,’ there is a demand for engaging daytime entertainment and Couples Court is sure to offer the same real-life drama that keeps audiences tuning in day after day,” said John Bryan, president of MGM Domestic Television Distribution. “We are encouraged by the brisk reception in the marketplace and look forward to clearing the show in the remaining parts of the country.”

“‘Court’ is a genre that performs well on our stations, and we are pleased to add Couples Court to the program lineup,” added Sinclair Programming COO Arthur Hasson. “Having a team of judges who are married gives them unique perspective and insight. The fact that they are entertaining makes it even better.