Jon Stewart Dubs Nate Silver ‘God of the Algorithm’ (Video)

Nate Silver correctly predicted the 2012 presidential election and that impresses "The Daily Show" host

Jon Stewart thinks New York Times polling guru Nate Silver is a lot like a fried chicken sandwich.

Screenshot"The Daily Show" host interviewed Silver Wednesday night, a day after his algorithm for forecasting an election monitoring multiple polls — which helped him call the 2008 race for President Obama — worked again.

"You were the Chick-fil-A sandwich for reality," Stewart said. "You were the totem that people held up."

After admitting that he tasted one of the Georgia-based fast-food chain's sandwiches while at the Democratic National Convention in  Charlotte, North Carolina, Silver said "you can sample from the other side of stuff and come away more informed."

But he added that those expecting Gov. Mitt Romney to sweep the swing states were "out-of-touch with reality."

Stewart heaped praise on the soft-spoken professional poker player-turned-poll aggregator, who coyly brushed it off.

"You are so reasonable — don't you want to stand up and say 'I am Nate Silver, bow down to me." Stewart said theatrically. "I am Nate Silver, lord and god of the algorithm!"