Davis Guggenheim to Direct 3D Biopic of Justin Bieber

Paramount will release the movie on Feb. 11, 2011, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Oscar-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim is in talks to direct an untitled 3D biopic of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber for Paramount, reports Deadline.

That's Davis Guggenheim.

As in "An Inconvenient Truth" Davis Guggenheim.

Bieber, who also is writing his own illustrated "memoirs," will play himself in the film (who else could possibly pull off those bangs?). It will come out Feb. 11, 2011– just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Bieber's manager Scooter Braun will produce with Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid.

This is like pushing-the-envelope in reverse.

Guggenheim's next film — "Waiting for Superman," a documentary about America's failing education system — may very well wind up in Oscar contention again later this year. This could very well be Guggenheim's "Norbit," which many believe cost Eddie Murphy an Oscar for "Dreamgirls."

Bieber is represented by CAA, while WME represents Guggenheim.Their agents must be very pleased with themselves today, but is this really what lured them to Hollywood in the first place? On second thought … don't answer that.