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Watch Diane Keaton’s Kisses Rattle Jessica Chastain and Thrill Kevin Bacon (Video)

”Oh my God, what is happening?!“ the ”Zookeeper’s Wife“ star asked on ”Graham Norton Show“

Diane Keaton stopped by “The Graham Norton Show” Friday but talking wasn’t the only thing on her mind.

“There’s nothing better than kissing a man in a movie. People say that’s difficult, but they’re wrong,” Keaton said… and then she proceeded to kiss everyone in sight, including Jessica Chastain, Kevin Bacon and even gentlemen in the audience.

“It doesn’t get better than an onscreen romance because, frankly, think of all the men you get to kiss and you don’t pay the price. In other words, you don’t actually have to have … the relationship. It’s perfect because you’re telling the story.”

Keaton looked around the studio and said, “I also like the audience and, if there’s some men out there.”

She offered to kiss the host, who very happily obliged, saying, “This is so exciting for me!” Then she turned to Bacon, who was asked if he was willing. “Am I willing?” he grinned. Straightening his jacket, he approached her and, yup. They smacked lips.

“Now I want to kiss Jessica,” Keaton said. Chastain stood up, shimmied, leaned forward and puckered up. “Look at that girl,” Keaton smiled. “First of all, the nose is great. And then we big kiss like she’s my dear daughter.”

Keaton grabbed Chastain’s face and said, “My little baby. You’ve been bad.”

Chastain laughed and said, “Oh my God, what is happening?!” Keaton was three for three.

Watch the video above.