Mike Rowe to Host ‘Dirty Jobs’ Sequel Series ‘Rowe’d Trip’ at Discovery Channel

“Dirty Jobs” aired from 2005-2012

Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip
Discovery Channel

It’s a dirty job, but Mike Rowe’s gotta do it (again). Discovery Channel has ordered a “Dirty Jobs” sequel series, “Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip.”

Rowe will host the four-episode show, which the cable network described as “part reunion, part road-trip, part look-back-special, and part where-are-they-now.”

In “Rowe’d Trip,” Rowe and the original “Dirty Jobs” crew will travel together in a mini-RV and reminisce about the good old days — and the grimy gigs he took on in the name of entertainment.

“‘Dirty Jobs’ … changed my life forever. What began as a simple tribute to my grandfather, has evolved into the granddaddy of ‘essential work’ programming, and I’m humbled everyday by the number of people who continue to watch,” Rowe said in a statement on Tuesday. “Personally, I’ve missed the camaraderie more than anything else — the fun of traveling with a tight-knit crew, meeting the finest people you could ever hope to know, and shooting in all 50 states many times over. Looking back at my favorite moments with the old crew while hitting the open road was the perfect way to reunite, especially at a time like the one we’re all living through now. I know that fans of the show will have as much fun watching, as we did filming.”

On the original “Dirty Jobs,” Rowe acted as apprentice on 300 different jobs. For this look-back, each episode will follow one of four themes: infrastructure, innovator, isolation and animals.

“Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip” is produced for Discovery Channel by MRW Productions and School of Humans, Ltd. For MRW Productions, executive producers are Rowe and Mary Sullivan. For School of Humans, Ltd. executive producers are L.C. Crowley and David Barsky; Ben Franzen is supervising producer. For Discovery Channel, Joseph Boyle and Joshua C. Berkley are executive producers and associate producer is Paola Espinosa.