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Donald Trump Eats Fried Chicken With Knife and Fork; Twitter Disapproves

The GOP nominee chows down on KFC from his private jet

If Donald Trump is trying to prove he’s a man of the people, a lot of people on Twitter think he’s failing.

Trump tweeted a photo of himself Monday feasting on Kentucky Fried Chicken — with a shiny knife and fork, on his private jet.

“Great afternoon in Ohio & a great evening in Pennsylvania – departing now. See you tomorrow Virginia!” Trump wrote.


“I have to go on the record about this: I absolutely will not allow Donald Trump to ruin fried chicken for me. I refuse to live in fear,” one user wrote.

Remember in the olden days, when Jon Stewart would make fun of politicians who hate pizza with a knife and fork? Or when “Seinfeld” mocked those who ate candy bars with a knife and fork? Those days seem so innocent now.

Of course, if Trump was just trying to do something, anything, to make Americans forget about his embarrassing fight with the parents of an Iraq war hero, he could have done worse than have the least down-home chicken dinner in the history of chicken dinners.

At least this brief distraction, unlike one created by the New York Post this weekend, didn’t involve anytime unearthing 20-year-old naked pictures of his wife, Melania.

See the tweets about Trump’s fancy-man chicken dinner below.