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Donald Trump Has ‘Electile Dysfunction,’ ABC Political Analyst Says

Matthew Dowd tells George Stephanopoulos the real estate mogul needs the ”polling Viagra“ of Iowa supporters to boost his softening numbers

ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd invoked a campaign term on Wednesday at Donald Trump’s expense.

Speaking with George Stephanopoulos ahead of the third GOP debate, Dowd analyzed Trump’s sliding poll numbers in Iowa.

“He makes me smile, watching him yesterday, it’s like a guy with Iowa electile dysfunction,” Dowd said about Trump’s sliding poll numbers, which recently saw him fall to second place in the crucial first voting state behind Dr. Ben Carson.

He added that Trump is trying to give Iowa voters “polling Viagra” in order to boost those numbers.

A giggling Stephanopoulos responded with the obvious: “You just wanted to get that Viagra line in.”

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