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Joe Scarborough Responds to Donald Trump’s Tweet: ‘I Think It’s Cute’

”That’s very funny when you say you don’t watch this show,“ the MSNBC host says

The beef between Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough didn’t go away over the weekend, and the “Morning Joe” co-host responded to the presumptive GOP nominee’s latest mean tweet on live TV this morning.

“Wow, I hear ‪@Morning_Joe has gone really hostile ever since I said I won’t do or watch the show anymore.They misrepresent my positions!” Trump tweeted early Monday morning.

Scarborough must have some sort of Trump alert set on his Twitter account, because he responded roughly one minute after the tweet was sent.

“You know what? He watches. He watches!” Scarborough said. “How you doin’ Donald? That’s very funny when you say you don’t watch this show. I think it’s cute. Keep it up.”

Last week, Trump’s strange relationship with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” got even stranger when the presumptive GOP nominee attacked the show’s “rapidly fading” ratings, prompting co-host Joe Scarborough to ask, “Define ‘rapidly fading,’ Donnie boy.”

In a statement to TheWrap, an MSNBC spokesperson said, “Morning Joe” just had its best quarter ever and for the month of April 2016,” and noted the show’s 16-percent lead over CNN’s “New Day” in the 25-54 demo, as well as a 14-month streak of total-viewer wins.

“You heard wrong, cowboy. We talk about scenarios. Never fear. MJ is going to beat CNN for the 7th straight year,” Scarborough tweeted on Friday.

Brzezinski and Scarborough were accused of turning a February MSNBC Town Hall with Donald Trump into a “puff session” — and that was before audio leaked from a hot mic that captured the trio talking during commercial breaks.

“We really do have to go to some questions,” Scarborough said during the break before Trump chimed in with, “Nothing too hard, Mika,” who can then be heard saying, “OK.” Brzezinski told the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone that she was talking to her producer, not Trump.

We’re not sure when the relationship between Trump and “Morning Joe” fell apart, but many point to Scarborough suggesting a third-party candidate should enter the race. Or perhaps this is all orchestrated to bring attention to both parties.