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John Leguizamo ‘Won’t Watch’ ‘SNL’ Anymore After Donald Trump Hosts

”I find it hurtful and insulting, and you’re celebrating someone who has said some horrible things,“ actor says of NBC sketch show

John Leguizamo is joining over a dozen Latino and Hispanic groups speaking out against Donald Trump hosting this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

“I find it hurtful and insulting, and you’re celebrating someone who has said some horrible things. I find it unacceptable,” the actor said in an interview with Yahoo. “I won’t watch ‘SNL’ anymore.”

“I mean, I’m all for freedom of speech, don’t get me wrong,” he added. “I believe in freedom of speech. This is different. If he had said those things about any other ethnic group, he would not be on ‘SNL.'”

The actor, who is preparing to release his new graphic novel “Ghetto Klown,” also spoke on Republican senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

“[Rubio] is on the wrong side unfortunately,” he said. “Latin people for Republicans are like roaches for Raid.”

Recently, a Latino advocacy group called Deport Racism offered a $5,000 reward to anyone willing to yell out “Trump is a racist” during the live broadcast.

“We’re hoping the $5,000 will help people on set or in the studio audience find the bravery to speak out loudly and help focus the national conversation on that we need to deport racism, not people,” the group’s organizer Santiago Cejudo said.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition and over a dozen other Latino organizations had planned to gather outside the “Saturday Night Live” studio in New York City on Wednesday. The groups also delivered petitions with 522,080 signatures calling on NBCUniversal to cancel Trump’s involvement.

But that rally was mostly a bust. The crowd outside Rockefeller Center in New York is estimated to have been between 40 and 100 people.

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