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Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest ‘Lie Witness News’ Proves Donald Trump Fans Will Support Anything He Does (Video)

ABC late-night host finds Trump supporters who think it’s fine the presidential candidate lied about his net worth, contributed to Jared Fogle’s legal defense fund, and wrote off a golden toilet as a business expense

Donald Trump supporters will let anything slide — even if his tax returns reveal he listed his marriages as “entertainment” or leases his wife to the campaign.

“Donald Trump has yet to release his financial information even though traditionally, that’s what candidates do,” Jimmy Kimmel said on his ABC late-night show Tuesday. “He claims he’s being audited, his lawyers told him not to do it, he also says people don’t care about his taxes. But I disagree.”

So Kimmel decided it’s time for another edition of “Lie Witness News.” This time, the team told Donald Trump supporters that he released his tax returns today and asked them for their thoughts on a wide range of absurd lies one would think would make Trump look bad in front of even his biggest fans. But think again.

When one female Trump supporter was asked if she minds the GOP presidential candidate donating $100,000 to Jared Fogle’s legal defense fund — you know, because the Subway spokesman is in jail for molesting children — she said, “Well, people donate large sums of cash to legal funds every day, so if it’s to help somebody, that’s what it’s for.”

And what if Trump flat out lied about his net worth, and tax returns showed he was only worth $42,000? Another female supporter shrugged it off by saying we “all kind of fib a little bit.”

A male supporter thought it was fine that Trump listed his primary occupation as a farmer, and didn’t mind the real estate mogul writing off a golden toilet as a business expense on his tax return. His rationale for considering such an extravagance as a legitimate business expense? “If I was showing off for my friends, or I needed it and I had the funds to do it, then yes, I would probably do it,” the Trump supporter said.

For more absurd questions and even more absurd responses watch the video above.