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‘The View’s Joy Behar Reveals Donald Trump’s ‘Fetish': The Birther Movement (Video)

Or maybe he’s just a big, fat racist, Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Collins suggest

As far as fetishes go, Donald Trump apparently has a particularly weird one.

“The View’s” Joy Behar says she’s discovered what turns Trump on: the birther movement. The ABC daytime co-host pointed out that Trump calling for fellow GOP candidate Ted Cruz’s birth certificate is nothing new for the billionaire developer — he previously rallied to make President Obama do the same thing.

“Every man has a fetish — some men like to wear women’s underwear — this is Donald Trump’s fetish, the birther thing,” Behar quipped on Thursday.

“Is that because he doesn’t understand the law or can’t do geography?” Whoopi Goldberg wondered aloud, citing Trump’s demands of both the Republican Cruz and Democrat Obama.

Or, she had one other theory: “Is it because he’s black, that [Trump] doesn’t recognize Hawaii as a place where black people also come from?”

Obama has proven that he was born in Hawaii and not Kenya — the birthplace of his father — which members of the so-called birther movement insist is the president’s true nation of origin.

Michelle Collins agreed with her colleague’s second notion, saying that what happened to Obama was “clearly kind of a racist thing.”

Cruz is an American citizen, despite having been born in Canada. His mother was born in the U.S.

“The View” hosts mistakingly said he was born in Cuba, which was as incorrect as Goldberg’s later definition of the word “perjury” — both moments are included in the clip.

Watch the video above.