‘Dune’ Rights Snapped Up by Legendary

Deal allows for classic sci-fi novel to be made for both big and small screens


Legendary has acquired the film and television rights to the classic sci-fi novel “Dune” from the Frank Herbert estate.

Herbert is the author of the 1965 novel, made into a movie by David Lynch in 1984.

The agreement requires any “Dune” project to be geared toward a global audience.

More than one project is being produced by Thomas Tull, Mary Parent and Cale Boyter, with Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert as executive producers.

The story is set in the distant future and revolves around Paul Atreides (played by Kyle MacLachlan in Lynch’s previous version).

Atreides’ family has reign over the coveted desert planet Arrakis, which houses a rare and vital resource. As fighting among noble families ensues, the Atreides lose their power over the planet, leading Paul to spearhead a rebellion to regain control of Arrakis.

“Dune” has long been considered the crown jewel of science fiction properties, according to Legendary’s announcement on Monday: “Its legacy and influence is witnessed in everything from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘The Matrix’ and is often referred to as the science fiction version of ‘Lord of the Rings’ with its sprawling world and multi-dimensional politics.”

The agreement was negotiated by Mike Ross and Jen Grazier on behalf of Legendary and Marcy Morris and Barry Tyerman on behalf of the Herbert family.