Edward Norton Gives a Non-Celebrity Endorsement to Obama (Video)

"We Hold These Truths" video from "Fight Club" star Norton uses ordinary people to make the case for Obama's re-election

Tired of celebrities pushing their faces into the political arena?

Apparently, Edward Norton is too.

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The "Fight Club" star has teamed with "Moneyball" director Bennett Miller to create "We Hold These Truths," a 7 minute-plus video in support of President Barack Obama, using everyday people to make the case for Obama's reelection.

Norton told Buzzfeed that he was encouraged to make the video in July by Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod, who was seeking to "get some filmmakers to think about creative ways to address the politics of the moment outside of the standard campaign ads and short cycle news media."

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Though Norton said he "was glad to get the call," he emphasized that he was equally eager not to exploit his fame in the name of politics.

"I don't judge anyone else's choices but for myself, I don't relate to the idea of leveraging celebrity for its own sake," Norton said. "I'm not a believer of do this or pay attention to this because of who I am. Even though I support the President, to me it's much more interesting to encourage people to engage than to suggest that people should model themselves on me and my views."

Watch "We Hold These Truths" below.