‘Entourage’ Trailer Sees Vince and the Boys Party on Yachts, Hit Golden Globes Red Carpet (Video)

A slew of guest stars including Jessica Alba, Ronda Rousey, Liam Neeson, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Mark Wahlberg join Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven

The “Entourage” guys live the dream in the latest trailer for the movie version of the hit HBO show.

From walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes to partying on a yacht with beautiful blondes and doing beer bongs with super star athletes such as Rob Gronkowski, it looks to be all play and no work now the gang is back together.

“Like I told you 15 years ago, the next level is coming,” boasts Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) as he hits the town with Vince (Adrian Grenier), E (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) in a hot convertible.

Ari is making his first movie as a studio head and wants Vince to star in it, but he wants to direct.

The boys proceed to blast their way through Hollywood, get into a road rage incident with UFC champion Ronda Rousey, deal with a sex tape drama — and party with yet more bikini-clad blondes.

“I gave you $100 million, you agreed not to go over,” Gold later vented.

“It’s like when a girl asks if you want to bang her hot sister, of course you say no,” said Drama in their defense of them blowing the budget. “Neither of you think you mean it.”

Other guest stars revealed in the closing credits of the trailer include Jessica Alba, Liam Neeson, Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, George Takei, Andrew Dice Clay, Armie Hammer, Tom Brady, T.I. and of course, Mark Wahlberg and his original real-life entourage.

“I’m crazy!” says sidekick Henry Penzi.

Someone who really is crazy is Turtle, who jumps in the UFC ring with Rousey and gets his ass kicked in three seconds.

“Entourage” the movie was directed Doug Ellin, who co-created the show with Wahlberg, and will be released on June 5.

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