Even Kirk Douglas Can’t Tell Son Michael Douglas And Himself Apart (Video)

The 97-year-old screen legend was watching what he thought was one of his old films, before realizing it was actually one of his son’s movies

As he ages, Michael Douglas is coming to look more and more like his father, legendary actor Kirk Douglas. The two have always shared a striking resemblance. As Michael revealed on “Letterman,” even his dad is starting to have trouble telling them apart.

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The younger Douglas, at 69-years old, recalled a phone call he’d received about six months ago from his 97-year old dad. Kirk said that he was watching one of his own old films on television, but he couldn’t remember it.

“Well, Dad, you’re getting older,” Michael told him. But Kirk insisted that wasn’t it.

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“I kept looking and then I realized, it wasn’t me, it was you,” Kirk told his son.

In thirty years, it’ll probably be Michael watching “Spartacus” or “Champion” and wondering why he can’t remember making that film.