‘Fox & Friends': Omarosa Has ‘Outsmarted’ Donald Trump (Video)

“[Trump] has taken the bait and gone out and tweeted directly after her,” says co-host Brian Kilmeade with dismay

Last Updated: August 15, 2018 @ 11:20 AM

The set of “Fox & Friends” was unhappy Wednesday with President Trump’s handling of the Omarosa situation, telling viewers that the former reality show star and fired White House staffer had outsmarted the commander-in-chief.

“In order to sell a book, [Omarosa] has come out with a series of tapes and in many ways, seems to have outsmarted the president,” co-host Brian Kilmeade said on set with evident annoyance. “[Trump] has taken the bait and gone out and tweeted directly after her.”

Kilmeade said it was a replay of Michael Wolff’s explosive White House tell-all “Fire & Fury,” which Trump promoted relentlessly by aggressively tweeting his displeasure and attempting to use legal action to stop the book’s publication.

The message from Kilmeade carries particular weight as Trump is known to be a careful watcher of the Fox News morning show and often tweets out particular moments that resonate with him.

Trump’s aggressive hate-tweeting of his former White House aide has coincided with an inexorable rise of her book “Unhinged” — which is now hovering at No. 2 in book sales on Amazon.com.

Since Sunday, Omarosa has been on a media blitz storming sets from morning to primetime and dropping one bombshell after another.

Her media tour was accompanied with a series of secretly recorded audio tapes she made, at least one of which came from the inner sanctum of the White House itself.

In one tape, campaign aides feverishly discuss how they would spin the possibility of a tape of Trump using the N-word, which the president has flatly denied exists.

On Tuesday, however, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said she “can’t guarantee” the possibility that such a tape might be out there, saying only that she herself hasn’t heard it.