Fox News Contributor Says Trump Calling Women Dogs Is a ‘Compliment’ (Video)

“No, no. It’s not a compliment, Charlie. Not at all,” Fox News anchor Eric Shawn scolds, swiftly shutting the remark down

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt said it is actually a “compliment” when Donald Trump calls women dogs and said it was akin to the slang term of calling someone “my dog.”

Hurt, who also serves as the opinion editor of the Washington Times, made the remarks on the Fox News program “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday morning during a conversation about whether President Trump’s comments comparing women to canines were out of bounds.

Hurt was swiftly shut down by Fox News anchor Eric Shawn.

“No no. It’s not a compliment, Charlie. Not at all,” said Shawn, before the show swiftly went to break.

A rep for Fox News did not immediately respond to request for comment.

It’s not the first time Hurt has courted controversy. At the Washington Times, he has often staked out bombastic positions. After Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue arguing in favor of universal health care in which he described how his newborn son needed emergency heart surgery, Hurt penned a nasty piece which called Kimmel an “elitist creep.”

“I mean, really, Jimmy, does your newborn child not mean more to you than petty politics? How do you look at the miracle of your child and think — partisan politics!” said Hurt. “Actually Jim, if you were a ‘decent person,’ you would shut your fat trap about partisan politics and go care for your kid, who just nearly died, you elitist creep.”

Trump for his part has a long history of comparing both men and women to dogs — most recently his ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman — and they sure don’t read like compliments.