‘Foxcatcher’ Director Bennett Miller Shows Us the Dark Side of Toilet Paper (Videos)

Neither Steve Carrell nor Channing Tatum make an appearance, however

Bennett Miller has gone from showing us the dangers of mental illness to the power of toilet paper.

Miller, who directed the Oscar nominated drama “Foxcatcher” starring Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum, directed a new series of ads for toilet paper manufacturer Quilted Northern.

In the ads, Miller takes a cold, hard look at life in the bathroom from the perspective of three inanimate objects. In the first ad (see above), a toy alligator can’t help but remember each time someone comes into the bathroom. “Daddy Gator sees all and forgets nothing,” the narrator says.

In the next ad, a ceramic rabbit prays for the sweet, cold embrace of death. The narrator gives us a glimpse into the rabbit’s mind when he says, “‘Dear God, smash me into a million pieces,’ Little Miss Puffytail thinks every time someone enters [the bathroom].”

Finally, a framed picture of an old relative stoically sits facing the toilet. “Great Grandpa Thaddeus was placed on a shelf, a shelf that has since become a most disagreeable prison,” the narrator says. “He always hoped to know his great-grandchildren. But not like this. Not like this.”

Miller made the ads in partnership with the New York advertising firm Droga5. They will begin airing some time next week.

Watch the videos below.