‘Fraggle Rock’ Director Disses Weinstein Co.

Cory Edwards claims the studio is hiring a new writer to make his screenplay more “edgy”

"Hoodwinked" writer-director Cory Edwards took to his blog to express his frustration with the Weinstein Company over its reaction to his "Fraggle Rock" script.

Edwards’ anger seems to stem from a single note that studio execs gave him: "Not edgy enough."
Evidently, TWC has started looking for a new writer who Edwards presumes will rewrite his script from scratch. Edwards claims "this is happening behind my back, without consulting me or even asking my opinion."

TheWrap’s calls to the Weinstein Company seeking comment were not immediately returned.

On his blog, Edwards said: "I enjoy working with other writers and have no doubt that the RIGHT person could help make any script better."

But in the very next sentence, the filmmaker seems hurt that the project has become an "open assignment," as if no good movies have ever resulted from those. Just because TWC may not have a specific writer in mind doesn’t mean there’s not someone out there with some great ideas for a "Fraggle Rock" movie.

While I agree with Edwards that "edgy" is an abstract word that means different things to different people, aren’t the Fraggles supposed to be that way, which is to say, alternative and not completely family friendly — kind of like Universal’s mismarketed, unfairly maligned "Land of the Lost" adaptation.

Making "Fraggle Rock" edgy would be akin to "sabotage" in Edwards’ mind, and I highly doubt that the Weinsteins are trying to sabotage one of their own projects, especially one from a filmmaker who has made money for the studio in the past.

What’s troubling is that Edwards seems to have written the incendiary blog post simply to attract the attention of the press and force our collective hand into writing about the "Fraggle Rock" drama, but rather than forcing TWC to "pick up the phone and actually engage" him again, I think his diatribe could very well lead to him being fired from the project as its director. There are plenty of other talented filmmakers who would kill for that job.

Later, a commenter named MuppetFan chimes in with insider knowledge of the situation, saying Edwards’ "incredibly weak" script has "no laugh out loud jokes, no memorable set pieces and no characters you care about." While MuppetFan agrees that the Weinsteins should have included Edwards on the writer search, he says that "bad-mouthing them is INSANE … and biting the hand that feeds you isn’t gonna help at all."

Clearly, MuppetFan strikes a nerve, as Edwards demands that the anonymous poster reveal their identity before mentioning that "there was not a lot of enthusiasm to be in business with Harvey," who Edwards alleges has treated him horribly.

But didn’t the Weinsteins basically give Edwards his Hollywood career by releasing the indie animated movie "Hoodwinked," which became a surprise hit. Obviously, TWC had to have faith in Edwards to give him the "Fraggle Rock" gig in the first place. So they weren’t happy with the script he turned in? Big deal! They have every right to look for another writer, and while it’d make sense to include the director in their search, it’s possible that Edwards won’t even get the chance to direct now that he’s publicly put his foot in his mouth.

If Shia LaBeouf wants to bad mouth the last "Indiana Jones" movie, that’s one thing, because he’s a movie star who isn’t going anywhere. But Edwards doesn’t have the kind of clout to publicly call out the company that gave him his big break. Let’s hope Edwards’ relationship with other studios isn’t nearly as contentious, as he could be knocking on their doors to look for work soon.