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Frederick Douglass Comes Alive on Social Media After Confusing Trump Statement

President kicks off Black History Month by referring to long-dead abolitionist as ”an example of somebody who has done an amazing job“

Frederick Douglass was up to pretty big things on Wednesday — at least on social media, after President Trump made a statement suggesting that he might think the famed abolitionist is still alive.

During a Black History Month event at the White House on Wednesday, Trump referred to Douglass — who died in 1895 — as “an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.”

Trump’s comment sparked a resurrection of sorts for Douglass on Twitter, as users weighed in on Trump’s seeming confusion.

“Trump not making any predictions on the Super Bowl until he sees if Frederick Douglass is healthy enough to play,” journalist Christian Schneider chimed in, later adding, “It’s an American tragedy that it took this long to fulfill Frederick Douglass’ lifelong dream of trending on Twitter.” “Yay! Our time machines are working. Frederick Douglass is alive!” a particularly jubilant response went. “Now can we get the hell out of 2017?” “We’ve gone from America’s first black president to an American president who doesn’t know who Frederick Douglass was,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer marveled.

Comedian George Wallace channeled Trump’s own Twitter voice to declare, “Frederick Douglass has done an amazing job but liberal news media doesn’t report on what he’s doing! SAD!” “20 bucks says Trump thinks Frederick Douglass is Kendrick Lamar,” suggested another response. Douglass himself has not yet responded to Trump’s comment, but TheWrap will provide an update as soon as he does.

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