‘Fuller House’ Teaser Gets Super-Creepy Horror Movie Makeover (Video)

Get away from the door, puppy Comet!

All ScreenCrush needed was a few hours and the right horror movie music to ruin Netflix’s sweet “Fuller House” teaser — and perhaps, your childhood.

The Reed Hastings/Ted Sarandos-run streaming giant dropped a short clip on the web Friday, mostly to unveil the Feb. 26 premiere date of its “Full House” sequel.

When remixed with terrifying music, however, the empty house and its out-of-date decor is actually kind of creepy. And when shadowy figures come to the door and start messing around with the lock and knob, well, you’ll be straight-up praying for the golden retriever Comet clone.

Watch the video above, and stay the hell away from San Francisco.