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Gabrielle Union Says She’s Paid Forward Tisha Campbell’s Gift of Therapy to Help Others ‘See the Light’ (Video)

“I’ve never been thanked more than when I offer to pay for therapy,” Union tells TheWrap

Actress Gabrielle Union has opened up about her troubled past, expressing gratitude of the “Martin” star, Tisha Campbell, paid for her therapy early on in her career. While walking the red carpet at the Indie Spirit Awards Saturday, Union spoke with TheWrap’s Elijah Gil about why it’s so important for people of color to get therapy in difficult times.

“We need it,” Union said. “All of us are going through something, and we tend to isolate, and we tend to assume that we are on an island by ourselves, and no one ever could understand anything we could possibly have gone through.”

She went on. “And then therapy happens. A) I’m not alone. B) There is a way out there. I can see the light. It might be far in the distance, but I know it’s out there and, wow, I have a community.”

Union said that having Campbell reach out to help her during her early career was a gift that she said has changed her life.

“And I have paid it forward,” she added. “I’ve never been thanked more than when I offered to pay for therapy.”

You can watch Union’s chat with TheWrap’s Elijah Gil in the clip at the top.