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Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze and Mark Levin’s CRTV Join Forces in New Merger

”I’m beyond thrilled about this merger,“ says Beck

Conservative publishers Glenn Beck and Mark Levin announced they would join forces for a new joint entity that would merge their media companies — TheBlaze and CTRV  — into a new “digital giant,” according to a press release on Monday.

“The combination of the exceptional roster of TheBlaze and CRTV talent means Blaze Media will now be as broad and ideologically diverse as the audiences we serve,” said Blaze chief Glenn Beck.

“Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and more have a home at Blaze Media. Our hosts will have differences, but we share a common belief in free expression, honest discourse and a society founded in the principles of the Bill of Rights. I’m beyond thrilled about this merger,” he added.

The deal formally brings together TheBlaze’s subscription video and on-demand platform with CRTV’s slate of firebrand hosts, which include Michelle Malkin, “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson, Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes and Levin himself, who also hosts a Sunday evening program on Fox News.

The merger comes at a fraught time for both companies. In recent months, TheBlaze has been forced to undergo multiple rounds of layoffs, with top talent like Tomi Lahren and Dana Loesch taking flight for greener pastures elsewhere. Earlier this year, CRTV faced a $20 million lawsuit from Vegas billionaire Cary Katz — made more awkward by the fact that Katz is one of the principal investors of the company.

Before Monday’s announcement, TheBlaze had been in deep discussion to sell to Ben Shapiro’s ascendent DailyWire empire, though the parties were ultimately unable to come to an agreement.

The news of the merger was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.