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Golden Globes 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob Odenkirk, Jenji Kohan, Idris Elba, Lady Gaga React to Their Nominations

Let the pageant of honors, thrills and surprises begin

The nominees for the 2016 Golden Globes were announced Thursday, and while those who didn’t make the cut are left to lick their wounds and mask their envy, those who scored nominations are rushing to express their surprise, gratitude, pride and other emotions that come with the honor.

Read below for the nominees’ reactions.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Drama, “The Revenant”: “Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I am incredibly grateful for their nomination, as well as the recognition they have given to this film and to Alejandro’s vision as its director. Making ‘The Revenant’ was a true honor for me. I also want to extend congratulations to all nominees this season. Thank you again to the HFPA.”

Eddie Redmayne, Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama: “The Danish Girl”: “I am incredibly grateful to the HFPA for having included me in such a brilliant troupe of actors. I’m equally thrilled that Alicia and Alexandre have been recognised as well. Having the opportunity to help tell Lili and Gerda’s story has been a great privilege for me, and I am hugely grateful for the guidance, generosity and insight given to me by the transgender community.”

Bob Odenkirk, Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama, “Better Call Saul”: “What an exciting surprise for me!  The Hollywood Foreign Press have been so supportive and willing to see what we came up with on ‘Better Call Saul,’ that means that they watched our work with an open mind.  My fellow cast mates Michael McKean, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Michael Mando, Patrick Fabian and all the others are the reason why I’m doing good work, acting opposite their excellence would make anyone better. Of course the writing is primo! Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould continue to outdo themselves with unique story, and the switched character that I am ridiculously lucky to get to bring to life.  I’d also like to take this nomination opportunity to also thank Bryan Cranston and the ‘Breaking Bad’ gang for inspiring us and setting such a great standard we continue to try to emulate.”

Ridley Scott, Best Director, Motion Picture, “The Martian”: “We are all very excited and very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for embracing our film and Matt’s brilliant performance so warmly. Making ‘The Martian’ was one of the highlights of my career and the fact that it is being recognized in such a generous way is fantastic and very much appreciated.”

Jenji Kohan, Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy, “Orange Is the New Black”: “Very cool to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Thanks Globe people!”

Jane Fonda, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, “Youth”: “I’m honored and grateful for the support of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.”

Idris Elba, Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Limited-Series or TV Movie, “Luther,” and Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, “Beasts of No Nation”: “Wow thank you to the HFPA, who have always been so amazingly supportive of me throughout my career.  I’m so excited, in particular, to be recognized for both Luther and Beasts of No Nation. For Luther, what better way to celebrate the end of a great run than with this stellar acknowledgement. As for Beasts, I can only hope this attention will get more people to see the brilliance of all that is Cary Fukunaga and my extraordinary co-star Abraham Attah. I share in this exciting moment with everyone who poured their hearts into these projects and who I could not have done this without.”

Steve Carell, Actor in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy, “The Big Short”: “Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press. I’m very honored. Now I guess that I have to find a tux, lose weight, and get Botox.”

David O. Russell, Best Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy, “Joy”: “I am grateful to the  HFPA for recognizing ‘Joy’ and the picture’s leading light, Jennifer, who has taken new risks, across the lifespan story of this picture that can spread inspiration to everyone who has a dream that might have been forgotten. And I’m grateful to all our remarkable cast who made this story of the ordinary becoming extraordinary in life, come true.”

Emma Donoghue, Best Screenplay, Motion Picture, “Room”: “I’d like to express my gratitude to the Hollywood Foreign Press for nominating me for Best Screenplay. To be named in such honorable company — especially since ‘Room’ is my first feature film — is a startling delight.”

Lenny Abrahamson, Best Motion Picture, Drama, “Room”: “I want to thank the HFPA for this incredible honor. For an independent film like ‘Room’ to be nominated for Best Picture for the Golden Globes is an extraordinary vote of confidence and a tribute to the amazing work done by all the talented people involved in the production. I am particularly delighted for Brie Larson and Emma Donoghue. Their unique artistry is being recognized today.”

Queen Latifah, Best Actress in a Limited Series or Television Movie, “Bessie”: “Thank you to the HFPA who have always been so supportive of all of my projects. This film is such a special one to me and I am thrilled to be recognized for my work as Bessie.”

Chris Brancato, Best Television Series, Drama, “Narcos”: “This is a wonderful tribute to the hard work of so many people and a signal that borderless, truly international television is here to stay.  I thank and salute the HFPA for recognizing our show.”

Colin Callender, various, “Wolf Hall”: “The making of ‘Wolf Hall’ was a true collaboration and I’m very grateful to the HFPA for honoring our show. I share this nomination with our partners Masterpiece and BBC, the brilliant director, Peter Kosminsky, screenwriter, Peter Straughan, author Hilary Mantel and our entire crew who helped bring these great books to the screen. And congratulations to Mark and Damian for their extraordinary performances.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer, various nominations: “We wish to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for their support of our first original film, “Beasts of No Nation,” our new series, “Narcos,” “Master of None,” “Bloodline” and “Grace and Frankie,” as well as our returning nominees “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards.” We are very proud of the 9 nominations, and of the creative talent doing such amazing work for Netflix members around the world.”

Paul Feig, Best Animated Feature, “The Peanuts Movie”: “The whole Peanuts team is doing the Snoopy happy dance right now over our Golden Globes nomination. We have no grief today, good or otherwise. Thank you, HFPA, for finally letting Charlie Brown kick the football.”

Kate Winslet, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, “Steve Jobs“: “I am completely over the moon and feel so honored to be nominated for a Golden Globe by the HFPA for this film. I am genuinely ecstatic.”

David Kosse, Film4 Director, various nominations: “It’s our philosophy at Film4 to look for bold, inspirational and innovative filmmakers when choosing the films we support. This year audiences have been blown away by the depth of that creativity from a wonderful range of unique voices and distinctive stories and we salute the filmmakers and cast from ‘Carol,’ ‘Room,’ ‘Youth’ and ‘Ex Machina’ nominated this morning by the Golden Globes. Congratulations to all our partners and friends.”

 Paul Feig, Best Motion Picture, Comedy or  Musical, “Spy”: “I can’t thank the HFPA enough for recognizing funny movies. We are absolutely thrilled to have our international comedy ‘Spy’ and its amazing star Melissa McCarthy nominated. We’d also like to request four extra bottles of wine at our table that night. Woo hoo!!!”

Daniel Pemberton, Best Original Score, “Steve Jobs“: ‘Wow! I just got nominated for a Golden Globe –  that is proper bonkers! I’m so honored to be nominated with my musical heroes.  I wanted to ‘Think Different’ in how I approached this score and working with a cinematic visionary like Danny Boyle meant I could. Since ‘Steve Jobs‘ was brilliantly written by Aaron Sorkin in three acts I took three different musical approaches, so Danny got three scores for the price of one – Bargain of the year!”

David Lang, Best Original Song in a Motion Picture, “Youth”: “This is amazing!  I am so grateful to Paolo Sorrentino for making a beautiful movie about a classical composer. I have spent my whole life listening closely to the music in movies, but it never occurred to me that I might be a part of it all. I am honored, excited and very happy. Thank you, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press!”

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, Best Motion Picture — Animated, “Anomalisa”: “We are excited and honored to be recognized by the HFPA, especially alongside such great animated films. We share this honor with our immensely talented cast — Jennifer, David and Tom — and the best team of animators, designers, craftspeople and technicians who worked with such passion to bring ‘Anomalisa’ to life.”

Alicia Vikander, Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in Any Motion Picture, “Ex Machina”: “I am truly thrilled and grateful to the HFPA for both these wonderful nominations! To be considered amongst all these brilliant actresses and their outstanding performances is such an honor. Working on ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘Ex Machina’ were such gifts in themselves, and for this to happen is all so wonderful. Thank you.”

Brie Larson, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama, “Room”: “Wow. My deepest thanks to the HFPA – I am beyond honored, grateful, thrilled and every other imaginable emotion to be in the company of such an inspirational group of women, and to share this morning’s recognition with Emma, Lenny, the entire cast and crew of ‘Room,’ as well as Amy Schumer and the cast and crew of ‘Trainwreck.’ What a morning! And thanks to Jacob Tremblay – you have made every day of this journey magic.”

Zander Lehmann and Jason Reitman, Best TV Comedy Series, “Casual”: “Thank you Hulu for taking a chance on such a unique comedy and thank you to the HFPA for rewarding the chance they took on us.”

Liev Schreiber, Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama, “Ray Donovan”: “I’m a very lucky guy, that the collective accomplishments of the remarkable cast and crew of Ray Donovan are being attributed to me. Thank you so much HFPA for the nomination and for watching our show. It’s incredibly encouraging.”

Maura Tierney, Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television, “The Affair”: “I’m very excited and honored to be nominated by the HFPA. We had a great season on the show and it’s wonderful to be recognized for the work.”

Rami Malek, Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama and Best TV Series, Drama, “Mr. Robot“: “I couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s a massive honor to receive this recognition from the HFPA. I’m so grateful to be sharing this moment with fellow nominees Sam Esmail, Christian Slater and the entire ‘Mr. Robot‘ team.”

Adam McKay, various nominations, “The Big Short”: “Thrilled and thankful for the HFPA’s recognition of “The Big Short.” Especially excited to see eve_carell/”>Steve Carell and Christian Bale‘s amazing performances acknowledged. Congrats to the whole cast and crew that worked so hard to make this movie happen.”

Charles Randolph, various nominations, “The Big Short”: “Rarely in life do you go from dead asleep to jumping up and down in seconds. It’s like Christmas when you’re ten. I’m beyond thrilled the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has embraced such an unusual and important film.”

Mark Rylance, various nominations: “I want to thank the members of the HFPA for nominating my work in both ‘Bridge of Spies’ and ‘Wolf Hall.’ My work does not stand alone, and only comes together with the help of all the talented craftspeople I have had the pleasure to work with on ‘Wolf Hall’ and ‘Bridge of Spies,’ particularly Peter Kosminsky and even_spielberg/”>Steven Spielberg who are directly responsible for my performance in both pieces. I would especially like to acknowledge my friend Tom Hanks. I don’t think you can isolate my playing of Abel from Tom’s playing of Donovan. It is the friendship between us as characters that should be awarded. Many blessings.”

Lady Gaga, Best Actress in a Limited Series or Television Movie,”American Horror Story”: “Thank you to the HFPA for this nomination, and to the talented cast, crew, and creators of ‘American Horror Story.’ I am too excited for words at this recognition for my work! I dreamed endlessly of being in television & film. This is a real honor for a waitress/singer/actress from New York!”

Ennio Morricone, Best Original Score, “The Hateful Eight”: “I am deeply honored and grateful to receive this nomination on the eve of the European premiere of ‘The Hateful Eight’ here in London. I thank Quentin Tarantino for his trust and the total freedom he has given me conducting this score.”

Todd Haynes, Best Director, Motion Picture, “Carol”: I’m thrilled to be in the company of this incredible group of directors, and so honored that the Hollywood Foreign Press has recognized the creative collaboration that is ‘Carol’ – from Carter‘s score, to our relentless producers, to the stunning talents of Cate & Rooney.”

Aaron Sorkin, Best Screenplay, Motion Picture, “Steve Jobs“: “Thank you, HFPA, for this personal honor, and for all four nominations for ‘Steve Jobs.’ This has been a very special film for all of us involved as well as a brave choice for Universal, and we’re grateful for the support you’ve shown it today.”

Saoirse Ronan, Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama, “Brooklyn”: “I can’t express how special it is that this little film called Brooklyn has been embraced by so many people around the world. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for your support. The last time I was at the Golden Globes, I needed a chaperone – I’m so excited to be there for a film that means this much to me.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, “The Hateful Eight,” Best Animated Feature, “Anomalisa”: Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing two projects that mean so much to me. Getting an acting nomination for my role as Daisy in ‘The Hateful Eight’ is a testament to the great Quentin Tarantino and would not have been possible without the cast (especially the one I was handcuffed to, Kurt Russell). ‘Anomalisa’ is a project so close to my heart and Charlie and Duke’s film is mind-blowing.  I’m so happy people are loving it as much as I do. I never get such great news while making my son’s lunch in the morning!!”

Jamie Lee Curtis, Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, “Scream Queens”: “As I am recovering from foot surgery, you could call this morning the agony and the ecstasy. Thrilled to represent for the crew, the #SQsquad of talented youngins and our writers Ryan, Brad and Ian. This has been a wonderful creative year and this a nice way to keep it going!”