Graphics Firm Will Save H’Wood Sign … for a Price

SkyTag offers $12.5 million to preserve land from development — if city drops billboard suits

Talk about selfless.

After months of fundraising efforts by conservationists and Hollywood power brokers to save the land around the Hollywood sign, a sugar daddy has emerged.

SkyTag, a Beverly Hills supergraphics shop, has offered to pony up the full $12.5 million needed to save the land 138 acres around the landmark from development.

Put the champagne back on ice … there’s more.

In a blatant case of quid pro quo, SkyTag is willing to buy the land, but only if the city of Los Angeles agrees to drop legal challenges to giant billboards the company has put up around town, NBC News in Los Angeles reports.

SkyTag has built a reputation for designing building wraps, massive murals, and signs, according to its website. A spokesman for the graphics design firm did not immediately return calls for comment.

SkyTag’s pitch comes just a day after the Trust for Public Land (TPL), the group spearheading the movement to save the land around the sign, announced that it had raised $9.45 million.

"If SkyTag wants to give us an unrestricted, unconditional gift, we’re happy to talk them, but we’re not going to get involved in a suit with the city," Tim Ahern, a spokesman for TPL, told TheWrap.

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